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Your access to inspection results in Wellington, Dufferin and Guelph

This website is designed to provide the public with information regarding inspections of food establishments located in Wellington, Dufferin, and Guelph. Please be advised that the results of inspections posted on this website describe what the public health inspector observed on the date and time of the inspection. This website is not intended to guarantee the conditions of a food establishment at all times and should not be relied upon for that purpose. The results of routine compliance inspections and re-inspections will be posted.

Every effort is made to ensure that the information on this site is updated regularly. However, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health cannot guarantee that all information is accurate, complete or current at all times.

Data on this website only reflects inspections completed since October 1, 2012. Therefore, some food establishments may not have inspection results posted on this website yet. For these establishments, check back later in the year for inspection results or call Public Health.

No endorsement of any establishment or its products or services is expressed or implied by any information, material, or content included on this website.

If you discover a discrepancy, have any questions about a particular establishment, or if there is a food establishment not listed on our website, please let us know by calling 1-800-265-7293 ext. 4753.

Please note that an interactive mapping feature is coming soon!

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